Macedonia Baptist Church
 Minneapolis, MN

The Spirit Filled Church

Today I walked in the church doors to find
That, many would be there to welcome Him.
Every face had a smile and a look of hope,
Spreading joy, I saw Jesus in each of them.

Perhaps, if you look, you will see the change.
It is a precious sight, different in many ways;
Righteousness flows from the member's hearts,
And resounds with glorious songs of praise.

Today is a day that our Lord has made.
From the beginning of time he created love.
It is with this love that His Son was sent,
Crucified, buried, risen and ascended above.

Love that is spread in the Spirit filled church,
Emitting a glow that brings us a joyful heart,
Brings us from the cares of this world of woe
And fills us with joy, complete from the start.

The Spirit filled church is the Lord's church
And is always faithful to do the Lord's will.
They heed the calling to a lost and dying world
And spread God's word over mountain and hill.

by Judy Crowe


Senior Pastor

Pastor Herbert Thomas comes to us having served eight years as Associate Pastor at Berean Missionary Baptist Church and Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church. He was a professor for three years at Minnesota Graduate School of Theology where he also received his Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees and his Doctorate of Theology. We welcome his experience in the following: congregational leadership; leading others to Christ; organizing the church and community in missionary work and community outreach; developing strategies to achieve long-term operational goals; and harnessing multiple forms of public relations to expand church growth. He became the Senior Pastor of Macedonia Baptist Church October 1, 2017. He is the host of the television show, “Macedonia Baptist Church Praise Hour and the live radio show, “Songs of Praise”.  He is married to Juanita Steverson Thomas and they have an adult daughter and son and six grandchildren.  First Lady Thomas lends her talents to chairing the Women’s Prayer Ministry. 

40+ Years of Service to the Community

As children of God, we’re called to go out into the world and advocate for Christ and his importance to all of us. We’ve been a constant presence in the community for over four decades, and many of the members of our church are multi-generational families with strong roots in the area. Because of this, we work with several organizations to make lasting change for those who need it. If you’re searching for a way to make a difference in the world around you, consider becoming a member of a Baptist church that’s dedicated to going out of the building to connect with those in need.

A Belief in the Individual

All of us have value in the eyes of the Lord. Because of this, we’re called to use our talents and skills to work for Christ. At Macedonia Baptist Church, we believe in focusing on our individual members, their needs, and where they are in their journeys with God. Those in the Minneapolis area who are searching for meaning can rely on us to put them first and give them the support and assistance they need to grow closer to Christ. When you worship at our Baptist church, you’ll never be just another face in the crowd.


Equipping the Saints: Teaching; Training; Preaching

Evangelizing the Sinner: Outreach; Witnessing

Exalting the Savior: Worshipping; Praying; Giving



God’s ever present love will enable us to worship, lead and serve.

                                                                                                                        Romans 12:1-2 

Focused on the Word of God

As members of the Baptist church, we’re called to understand God’s purpose for us here on Earth. We do this by focusing on the instructions that are laid out for us in the Bible. Because of this, our congregation believes in consistent and in-depth study of the biblical text. When you become a member of our flock, you’ll be pushed to better understand your place in the world as a servant of Christ. When we make the effort to understand what God is telling us, we can live more fulfilling lives that are in service to Him and His glory. Our goal is to be a force for change that’s led by the Word of God.







Worship with Us Today!

When you want to join a Baptist church community that will provide the love and support you need, visit us at Macedonia Baptist Church. Call us today to learn about our current worship service and Bible study schedule.

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